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Salta’s cuisine is as rich as its history.

From the famous empanadas to the most elaborate gourmet dishes, Salta is an invitation to relish. Come and savour it. Salta offers the world the most delicious Argentine north-western popular cuisine dishes, enhanced by the unequalled altitude wines, which have interna¬tional recognition. Quality beef is served with fresh vegetables, grown locally. We recommend tasting the traditional tasty empañadas salteñas, which are small meat or cheese turnover.


The salteña is the most famous empanada in Argentina. They are eaten in every place and at every moment.They are often served at home, during parties and festivals as a starter or main course. The dough is made with wheat flour and beef is used for the fillings. Some places use cubed meat and others ground meat, depending on the region, spiced with cumin and pepper. Boiled eggs, potatoes and green onion are added. Some other fillings are cheese, chicken, corn and ham. Empanadas can be baked or fried. If they are prepared in a clay oven they have a special smell to wood. You never have to count how many empanadas you have eaten!


In Argentina the asado or barbecue is considered the national dish. It usually consists of beef alongside various other meats such as pork and chicken and usually sausages are included. It is cooked on a grill, called parrilla or in an open fire, accompanied by salads and cooked vegetables. It is usually eaten on Sundays for a family lunch or at night at friends meetings. The essence of an asado is the gathering of family and friends. In Salta, Asados are eaten with high altitude wines and people playing the guitar.


Humita is a native American dish from pre-Hispanic times, and a traditional food in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. The main ingredient is corn, slowly steamed or boiled in a pot of water. In Argentina, humitas are prepared with fresh corn, sauteed onions and some spices, depending on the region or taste. The filling is wrapped in corn husks and boiled. It is also common to add some diced cheese, typically goat cheese.


They look similar to the humitas since a corn husk is used as a cover and it has a filling, but the filling is different and also is the shape and size. Humitas are like a square and tamales like a circle, smaller in size. The filling is made of corn wheat, meat, green onion, boiled eggs and spiced with different spices. It is special for cold days. The tamales are always accompanied by a good altitude wine from. There is a very well known festivity in Chicoana.


Locro is a hearty thick stew popular along the Andes mountain range. It’s one of the national dishes of Argentina, Bolivia, Perú, Chile and Ecuador. The dish is a classic corn, beans, and potato soup. The defining ingredients are corn, meat, red chorizo, and vegetables. Other ingredients vary widely, and typically include onion, beans, squash or pumpkin. It is mainly eaten in winter. It is considered a national dish and is often served on May 25, the anniversary of the May Revolution.


Great part of Salta´s inhabitants will sing or play or dance a “Zamba” (traditional dance) in folklore clubs, locally named “Peñas”. The reason for this is that many people born in this region, grew up listening to great poets and musicians from our province such as the writer Manuel J. Castilla, (1918-1980), the poet Jaime Dávalos (1921-1981) or the musician Gustavo “Cuchi” Leguizamón (1917-2000). The “Peñas” are mandatory meeting points for local people and for all those turists who want to enjoy the dance, music and regional food.
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