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Thanks to our work in tourism, 20 years ago we visited a small rural school in the middle of the most incredible landscapes of Salta.

There were children from very remote and very humble areas. Parents chose this school for the children to learn and live from Monday to Friday. We fell in love with this magical little school and, together with our guests, we decided to help them. This was one of the most beautiful things that happened to us. Every time we returned from visiting them or making a donation, we discovered that we received much more than we gave.

This small project grew and today, together with a group of friends, we founded Fundación Unir of which I have the honor of being president. Our project grew and today we are working with two rural schools and we are collaborating with the shoeshine boys in Salta.

Our goal is to carry out a comprehensive approach of the child and their family. That´s why we do these things:

  • Donations

    Clothes, food and toys.

  • Health

    We make two medical visits per year, we collaborate in managing shifts with specialists, providing glasses and medicine.

  • Education

    We collaborate with educational material such as books and supplies and we also train teachers. We organize educational trips for the children and teachers to the cities of Salta and Buenos Aires.

  • Food

    Through the improvement or installation of vegetable gardens, greenhouses and farms in rural schools.

  • Professional advice

    We provide professional advice in different areas to parents when they have an opportunity or a problem.

  • Housing

    We collaborate in the improvement of housing and we carry out negotiations with public agencies for all types of problems in this subject.

  • Job generation

    This is one of our priorities. With the donations that we receive, we buy tools and raw materials for the parents of the children, so they have a productive enterprise. Our future project is to collaborate with the commercialization of these products.

Many years have passed since our first visit. We thank God for been able to meet these children. Thanks to them we discovered that if we work together, with professionalism and passion, everything can be achieved.

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Fernando Escudero

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